Thursday, 20 September 2018

Dropbike data security concerns

UBC takes the personal data security and privacy of our students, faculty and staff and community members very seriously and we have been made aware of a vulnerability issue with Dropbike’s platform.

Our understanding is that a UBC software engineering student testing the Dropbike system uncovered a way to access parts of Dropbike’s national customer service platform. The student responsibly reported the issue to Dropbike, who have informed us the problematic code has subsequently been fixed.

Dropbike has further assured the university that to their knowledge no financial data was compromised, and that the company is not aware of any other unauthorized access to their system which has thousands of users in many cities across Canada and at UBC.

As Dropbike is a third-party business licensed to operate on campus, UBC has no involvement in the creation and maintenance of the Dropbike platform and any questions about Dropbike’s system are best addressed by Dropbike.

Dropbike is operating at UBC’s Vancouver campus under a one-year pilot license agreement that requires appropriate data security measures to be in place to protect all financial and personal information.

— Michael White, Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning

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