Wednesday, 20 June 2018

UBC experts on recreational cannabis legalization

The Senate voted Tuesday to pass Bill C-45—the government’s legislation to legalize cannabis—meaning that recreational cannabis will soon be legal across Canada.

UBC experts are available to comment:

Rielle Capler
PhD candidate, Interdisciplinary studies
Cell: 604-818-4082

  • Medical cannabis use and policy
  • New legislation on cannabis
  • Cannabis use and youth
  • Cannabis use and driving

M-J Milloy
Faculty of Medicine
Please arrange interview via Kevin Hollett, communications lead for BC Centre on Substance Use, 604-416-1533 or 778-848-3420 or

  • Recreational cannabis use: trends, effects, harms
  • Cannabis regulation and legalization
  • Possible therapeutic aspects of cannabis for pain, addiction and HIV

 Zach Walsh
Department of Psychology, Okanagan campus
Cell: 778-821-1555

  • Addiction, marijuana

*Not available from 10 a.m. to noon PDT

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