Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Larco seeks rezoning


The owner of Arbutus Shopping Center currently seeks city approval to add 113,519 square feet and a max height of 12 storeys to the mall. This overrides a 2011 rezoning agreement that limited heights to 6-8 storeys and included compromises negotiated with the community.

The developer, Larco Investments, says the ongoing housing crisis justifies further expansion but offers only a negligible number of affordable units.

Should Council allow it, this rezoning will undo hard-won compromises with local residents and disregard years of consultation and debate!

The main story

Arbutus center’ owner seeks to backtrack on years of community consultation!
Will council let them go back on their agreement?

Vancouver Council:respect the process, say NO!

email the mayor at Gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca


Read more from Arbutus Ridge Community Association http://www.arbutusridgecommunity.org/larco-seeks-rezoning/

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