Wednesday, 16 May 2018

UBC researchers showcase work at #BCTECH Summit

University of B.C. researchers will be available today to discuss their projects on the Research Runway at the #BCTECH Summit:

Shahria Alam and Anas Issa
School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan campus
Cel: 250-212-9200 (Shahria Alam)
Cel: 250-317-3860 (Anas Issa)

  • Spring-based piston bracing system that could reduce seismic damage and keep structures serviceable after an earthquake

Liisa Holsti
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

  • The Calmer, a robotic platform inside an incubator, simulates skin-to-skin contact for babies too fragile to be held by their parents

Karon MacLean and Paul Bucci
Department of Computer Science
Email: (Karon MacLean)
Email: (Paul Bucci)

  • Expressive, engaging, and fun emotion-detection systems that use machine-learning techniques on many aspects of sensed touch

Helen Novak Lauscher
Department of Emergency Medicine
Cel: 604-341-8625

  • A patient-centered home health monitoring solution designed to ease a patient’s transition from hospital to home

David Perrin
Department of Chemistry

  • Breakthrough platform technology for producing imaging agents used to image cancer

Danielle Salvatore and Curtis Burlinguette
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cel: 604-240-5527 (Danielle Salvatore)
Phone: 604-822-2293 (Curtis Burlinguette)

  • New technology capable of converting carbon dioxide into fuels and chemicals of economic value

Alla Sheffer
Department of Computer Science

  • A set of techniques for converting 2D sketches into 3D models, and a collection of methods that allow fashion designers to easily create new garment designs and patterns

Fariborz Taghipour
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Ultraviolet reactors that operate with LEDs for water and air purification, and sensing hazardous gases or pollutants

Mohammad Zarifi
School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan campus
Cel: 250-807-8874

  • Instrumentation systems based on microwave portable sensors, for potential use in environmental monitoring, biomedical sensing, and security and safety applications

UBC-supported ventures exhibiting at the summit: Durabrace, FraXure, CEP, Embrace,

Visit Innovation UBC for more information about UBC at the #BCTECH Summit. To request an interview with Gail Murphy, UBC’s vice-president of research and innovation, please contact Erik Rolfsen at 604-209-3048.

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