Friday, 22 June 2018

UBC experts available to comment on wildfires

UBC forestry experts are available to discuss the wildfires in B.C.

David Andison
Department of Forest Management Resources
Tel: 778-388-0985

  • How forest fires behave
  • Ecological implications of wildfires
  • Wildfire management
  • Managing forests as whole ecosystems
  • “FireSmart” concept

*David Andison is in Nelson, B.C., and is available by cell or Skype.

Lori Daniels
Forest and Conservation Sciences
Tel: 236-997-5222

  • Forest fires, past and present
  • Impacts of climate change on forests

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Fan levelled by BC Lions player hires law firm

The Canadian Press interviewed Joe Weiler, who teaches sports law at UBC, about a lawsuit launched by a streaking fan who was hit by a BC Lions player.

Weiler said any legal action would face several hurdles because it appeared that the fan was trespassing on the field.

The CP story appeared on CTV, in the Globe and Mail and National Post.

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New app to teach Anishinaabemowin language

The Globe and Mail interviewed Daisy Rosenblum, a First Nations and endangered languages assistant professor at UBC, about Indigenous language loss in Canada.

She explained how it’s crucial for non-Indigenous Canadians to recognize the impact of losing a community’s language.

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Business education reaches into disadvantaged communities

The Globe and Mail highlighted the Ch’Nook Indigenous business education program at the UBC Sauder School of Business.

MBA candidates deliver business school curriculum to the communities of Anahim Lake, Port Alberni and Bella Bella.

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Why Canadian CEO pay has soared over the past decade

Thomas Lemieux, a UBC economics professor, spoke to the Globe and Mail for a story about compensation for Canadian CEOs.

He said while CEOs have bargaining power to push for optimal pay programs, unequal wealth growth is breeding resentment.

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UBC students call on admin to cancel talk from Ben Shapiro

News 1130 reported on a talk at UBC with a controversial conservative political commentator.

In a statement, UBC said “as a public academic institution, [it places] a paramount value on the free and lawful expression of ideas and view points.”

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Regulations, taxes, fees drive housing prices higher

The Vancouver Sun highlighted a report from James Tansey at the UBC Sauder School of Business that examined housing issues in Vancouver.

The report encourages governments to increase the supply of homes through cost reductions and red tape.

The story also appeared in The Province.

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